19 responses to “Insta #59

      • Yeah definitely! Did you go on the boat ride through the floating houses as well on the way there? I l teach English in Phuket now, its pretty awesome!

      • That’s it, we got the local boat in Sathorn for 15 bahts, so cheap and the ride was fun 🙂 so cool, how is’life in Phuket? Must be hard with all those beaches ahah greetings PedroL

      • 1500? Thats cool! I got lucky and bartered mine down to 1000. And yeah that boat ride was one of the cooler experiences traveling. Crazy to see how people live and I’m sure they’re so happy and much more conscious than people are in America.

        Phuket is wonderful!! Kata beach is amazing. Have been there twice on weekends from work, but hope to check out some other beaches soon 🙂

      • It was a great experience 🙂 we wanted to visit the islands but we leave Thailand on sunday, so I’m affraid it will be our excuse for a future trip! Thanks for your insights PedroL

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