hashtags #2: Home Far From Home

# I´m really open to discover new cities and new cultures. But I´m also interested in returning to places where I´ve been before. If it´s a fact that I don´t know how to justify why I´ve been 4 times in Helsinki or 3 times in Bangkok (it´s not you, it´s me!), it is true that I can´t wait to be back to Tokyo or San Sebastian (and New York, as you may have understood with all the last posts).

# In the last months I had the chance to return to two different cities where I´ve been several times. In a recent trip to discover Valencia, I flew to Barcelona and stayed two days at the Catalan capital.

# I´ve been in Barcelona almost 10 times and it´s always a pleasure to return: I love to go through the ramblas and walk Barceloneta until the beach. Another tradition I have is to wander around Passeig de Gràcia, say hi to Gaudí and do a pitstop in La Sagrada Familia.

# It is for me impressive how long has been the construction of La Sagrada Familia. Every time I stop there I like to compare its construction evolution since my previous visit. And maybe, you know, when La Sagrada Family is finally ready I will feel sorry about it and will never visit this monument again…

# Well, another city I returned was Riga. Oh yeah, after two years I left the latvian capital, I went back to Riga to meet some friends and celebrate midsummer. Midsummer is, every year, the highlight of the locals: friends get together to celebrate the 24 hours daylight days.

# It was very special to be back in Riga. In general, I came with the feeling that the city hasn´t change too much: Daugava river is in the same spot, the central market keeps its magic soviet vibe and people remain distant, nice though.

# I went to some of my favorite parks, walked my old neighborhood but the funniest thing I noticied was one of the coffee chains I used to attend quite often changed its name from Coffee In to Caffeine but – and here is the joke! – kept the original wifi password.

# Travel to new destinations is essential for me but during these trips to Barcelona and Riga I realize how important is to visit places where I don´t feel the rush and pressure to explore the new but merely appreciate what makes me feel – even if it´s just for a bit – at home far from my actual home.


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4 responses to “hashtags #2: Home Far From Home

  1. I hope you can find a very interesting article in the Sunday New York Times Magazine from July 1, 2018. It discusses someone who has studied hundreds of Instagram pictures of the same sites and reflects how the experience of the site is often dictated by the visitor’s guide. I appreciate that your photos depart from that standard and show a variety of points of view.

    • Thanks for your comment 😊 will look for that article! By the way, while in NYC I discovered the New York Times offices ahah regards PedroL

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