hashtags #3: PedroL and Absurdity, a deep connection

Me at the Great Wall and a view of the Forbidden City in Beijing, China

# Hi, my name is PedroL and I´m one of those characters that deals, in a daily bases, with absurdity. Would you like to read some good examples?? 

# When I went to China, I arrived in Beijing with two bananas in my backpack that almost took me to prison!! It was during the birds flu infection and, apparently, during this period all travelers should declare any foods taken into the countries traveled. At the time I didn´t know…

# Another interesting memory dates to my expat year in Nice. During the first days I was still discovering this southern city in France and I remember that I had to follow google maps, street by street, to discover a supermarket.

The amazing city of Nice

# This week I lived another (let´s say) peculiar moment. Two weeks ago I renew my passport (oh yeah, new adventures about to come next year!!!) and, to receive it, I had to prove my identify by showing my ID. When I looked for it in my bag the first thing I found was my dinner: duck´s rice.

# At the moment I realize the lady was waiting for my ID and I was thinking in this traditional portuguese dish I just started to laugh… Oh well, I warned you, it was quite absurd, I wonder if my readers have passed through similar situations.


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13 responses to “hashtags #3: PedroL and Absurdity, a deep connection

  1. I was once in Monaco with a friend of mine. He is Indian-Canadian but looks quite Arab which garnered a lot of negative attention in France. Anyway, we’re in Monaco and some policemen come over to talk to us. We had been travelling for some time and looked the part, so may have been suspicious as to what we were doing in a residential neighbourhood. Long story short, we didn’t let them know that we spoke French which forced them to aggressively interrogate us in not-so-good English. I will never forget how hard it as not to laugh when the policeman kept yelling “WHERE DO YOU GO?” while trying to figure out where it was we lived.

    Went something like this:

    “Where do you go?”

    “…. To the marina?”

    “NO! WHERE do you go?”

    “Do you mean my school?”

    “NO! WHERE do YOU go??”

    “Uhh… Later today we plan to be in Frejus”

    “NO! NO! NO! WHERE do you GO???”

    “Peut etre en Francais?”


    “Oh! We’re from Vancouver Island, Canada”

    “Ah Okay. Allons-y, have a nice day”

    That was a little absurd, yea

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