hashtags #4: WebSummit and the Future of Journalism in Lisbon

# This sunday has been raining continuously for the past 6 hours. According to the weather app, it will remain like this until tomorrow. I am writing this chronicle for my blog in Google docs app and listening radio in an online platform of portuguese radio stations.

# From time to time this radio plays music that I like, although I don´t know the artist. So I use another app to identify the band and listen more songs. These are just a few examples of how today technology is present in my (ours) life.

# Last week, I had the chance to attend the Web Summit, an even dedicated to the new technologies, that brought to Lisbon speakers of a diversity of spheres, from politicians to entrepreneurs, from investors to journalists.

# What I liked the most of Web Summit was the chance to see conferences dedicated to the future of journalism and how social media can impact and contribute for a better journalism, a journalism that leads to the freedom of speech and the enrichment of our society.

# Nowadays, we all know how the ‘fake news’ are destroying the purpose of journalism. However, the chance to see speakers like Lauren Good, senior writer at the Wired magazine, Alessandra Galloni, global news editor at the Reuters, Oscar Price, global head of innovation at CNN, or Matt Steinglass, europe editor at The Economist, (just to name a few) made me feel (a bit) more motivated.

# Even if the evil is not solved, at least is identified and, in fact, technologies are aware of the importance to communicate effectively and with reliability. How would you feel if you check your weather app to know when is the rain ending and it says a beautiful sun is shining outside: relieved or scared?


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6 responses to “hashtags #4: WebSummit and the Future of Journalism in Lisbon

  1. Here we just were shown a doctored video by the White House purporting to show a journalist assaulting a White House aide. May we find a way to keep journalism based in facts!

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