on the road: Lyon #2 The Confluence and the Croix Rousse

After a first article dedicated to the Old Town and Fourvière district, in this new chronicle dedicated to Lyon I will highlight my visit to the districts of the Confluence and Croix Rousse districts, as well as the Tête d’Or Park.

Lyon has an amazing singularity: the city is traversed by two different rivers, the Rhone and Saone. Not only it gives a special character to Lyon but it was also the opportunity to design the future of the city.

The Confluence district is – as the name says – where both rivers meet but also the area that has been rebuilded, with a serie of interesting projects that I had the chance to discover.

One of the most impressive is the Confluences Museum, an architectural icon opened exactly four years ago (december 2014) and dedicated to the science and anthropology. The museum is easily reached by tram but I walked there from the center of Lyon and couldn´t have enjoyed more.

As I was getting closer to this building, I was feeling more and more excited: I don´t know why but it looked to me like some kind of beetle and I found myself reminding Kafka´s ‘The Metamorphosis’ book…

Another highlights of the Confluence district are the Euronews headquarters and the Confluence mall, both integrated in an urban-renewal project based on cutting edge architecture, as you may see by my photos.

On the other side of the Lyon´s peninsula is the Croix Rousse district. Be ready to climb! However don´t worry, you wouldn´t feel tired: all the way to the top of Croix Rousse it is possible to find some small parks and shops, as well as amazing coffee shops and a great variety of street art. Plus, thanks for being on a hill, the Croix Rousse is the perfect district to admire Lyon from the top.

My article wouldn´t be complete without a reference to the Tête d’Or Park. The lung of Lyon has the title of biggest urban park in France and offers a variety of amazing activities: the zoo and a lake; the botanical gardens and an amusement park.

I spend there one morning and could have stayed all day. Lyon is this amazing city I described in two articles, but there could be a lot of other details to write about. In the next days I´ll post photos dedicated to these three highlights. However, there´s nothing like to go and experience Lyon by yourself.


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