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Hi from Athens! On my 4th time at the Greek capital I should celebrate: it is the first time I didn’t got lost in the streets of Athens!

After a long day with a short stop in Barcelona (where I was greeted in the airport by the Benfica’s indoor football girls team ahah), i’m in Athens just for two days before I head to Crete.

As I’ve been in Athens a few times before I took the best to relax, walking with time around the city. I love to travel to discover new cities but, lately, I’ve been giving a new value to every single time, even in a known environment. Does it also happens to you? Have a great week!

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2 responses to “insta #660

  1. I don’t usually visit the same place twice because, you know…yolo! But I have to say it is sometimes interesting to go back to a place you have been before and see how it evolved and discover things you have not noticed before!

    • that´s right… and a city like Athens changes a lot, I´ve notice that 🙂 also it is such a big city that every time I return there I can stay in a different area ahah have a great weekend, PedroL

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