On the Road: Chania, My Favorite Town in Crete

In a recent trip to Crete, I had the chance to visit Heraklion and Rethymo. However, my favorite discovery was Chania, the second biggest city of this Greek island.

Chania is a lovely and charmous town located at the northwest coast of Crete. Bathed by the Mediterranean sea, Chania made me feel completely comfortable since the first moments I arrived.

Chania has a special vibe: its decadent architecture is praised by its numerous colored buildings; its locals fill its stylish coffee shops and restaurants; its streets sound of local musicians and its port has one of the oldest lighthouses of the world – probably the local icon.

I found the people of Chania extremely friendly and hospitable: after a few times going to the same restaurant, not only the waitresses but also the chefs were genuinely welcoming, presenting and proudly talking about their daily dishes.

And even if it wasn´t summer, the evenings and nights in Chania are truly rich: close to my hotel there was a café called Ride that was celebrating its 3rd anniversary with some concerts. I went there alone but after the performances I was already in contact with some locals that took me to another party, in a squad inside Chania´s University. Unforgettable!

If you ever visit Crete, visit Chania, it is totally worth it – the next days I´ll post some photos, hope you enjoy it!

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