On the Road: Samanbahçe, the Highlight of Lefkosa


The historical quarter of Samanbahçe is the highlight of Lefkosa (as Nicosia is called on the Turkish community side). On the day I went to Lefkosa, I was roaming around the old town and was very lucky to find Samanbahçe, as it is located on the backs of one of the main streets.

I found it thanks to its special architecture. In fact, Samanbahçe consists of more than 70 welcoming houses built on natural stone foundations and has a water fountain in the middle.


This unique area is full of cats and flowers. Plus, locals are very friendly and many of them have its doors open. Besides, Samanbahçe is a nice place to appreciate some local street art.

Samanbahçe is a must place to visit and, definitely, one of my reccommendations if you visit Lefkosa.

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