hashtags #5: Banksy Dismaland by Barry Cawston in Porto

# If you miss the opportunity to visit Banksy’s ‘Dismaland’, the so-called ‘family theme park unsuitable for children’ can be experienced in Alfândega do Porto (Porto Customs House) until the next 28th of July.

# ‘Banksy’s, Dismaland and Others’ is the name of the exhibit that takes you to Banksy’s sinister version of Disneyland through the lens of Barry Cawston, considered the ‘official’ photographer of the anonymous street-artist.

# What I liked the most on this exhibition was to discover how Cawston’s work dialogue in such harmonious way to Banksy’s Dismaland: firstly, Cawston’s photographs capture perfectly the ominous feeling of a place made to create a fairytale, yet a fake and vicious world captured by the interests that, simultaneously, are destroying it.

# Secondly, ‘Banksy’s, Dismaland and Others’ is a great way to discover Banksy’s interventions in Palestine – with a serie of photographs that takes the visitor to ‘The Walled Off Hotel’, a peculiar boutique hotel designed the british street-artist -, but also Barry Cawston’s relevant work.

# In this exhibition, the british photographer captures Weston-super Mare in Somerset, where ‘Dismaland’ took place, retracting the daily life of this english seaside resort, as well as Völklingen, in Germany, nowadays a cultural space thanks to its industrial aesthetics based in the iron foundries.

# Finally, another highlight of this exhibition is the chance to make an historical (and brief) tour of the portuguese street-art scene: a serie of photographs reveal the work of some local street artists, such as Nomen and Hazul, Tamara Alves and Mosaik.

# If you are visiting Porto, ‘Banksy’s, Dismaland and Others’ is definitely a recommendation. Enjoy!!


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