Os gregos tinham duas palavras para a moderna noção de tempo: kronos e kairós. O primeiro era o tempo cronológico, aquele que podia ser medido por um relógio ou por um calendário, ‘o tempo dos homens’; o segundo significava o momento oportuno, uma ocasião em que algo especial acontece, ‘o tempo de Deus’.

Nelson Marques, revista do semanário Expresso

2 responses to “#1985

  1. This brings me back to the idea for a fantasy culture involving the idea of time. You see, many Native American beliefs use not a measure of time, rather something similar to kairos – a time measured/found using descriptions of places and events. Being brought up in mostly a “kronos” world and culture, this idea intrigues me. Thank you for sharing the quote.

    • Thank you for commenting Rach, it was wonderful to read your contribute 🙂 I’m in love with all these new ideas… it is interesting to grow and think/believe a subject one way and then have the chance to learn with other inputs 🙂 have a perfect week, PedroL

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