The Wall #1: Welcome to Berlin

When family and friends asked me ‘why are you going to Berlin?’ I didn’t know what to answer, but now, after almost two weeks in the german capital, some coincidences have made me realize that I did the right choice.

The ‘Wall’ is probably the icon of Berlin. When people think about the city, it is what immediately crosses their minds. And this is a great coincidence: my hometown in Lisbon is called Parede, which translated to english is ‘Wall’. (And so the reason for these chronicles’ name).

First days in Berlin

Berlin is still very new to me. In fact, these first days made me confirm how the city is enormous and diverse. And that is something I really appreciate in a city: everywhere is easy to find a restaurant specialized in the most exotic food, from Hawaii to Ethiopia, from Taiwan to Uruguay.

Another positive aspect of Berlin is the culture: there are always so many interesting events happening here. One of the first days, I went to Mauer Park where, every sunday, there’s an outdoor market with local handicrafts and booksellers, specialists in alternative medicines and, of course, live music.

My days are quite busy: every morning, I’m taking german language classes. I always loved german literature and it is a great chance to challenge myself with a new language and culture. Also, it might help me to find an interesting job!

Then, I occupy the afternoons discovering Berlin: I love to walk but the city is so big that I soon realize it would be easier to take the metro or the tram. The local transportation network works really well, not only is fast but also safe.

Berlin WelcomeCard

I am glad that I got the Berlin WelcomeCard. The so-called ‘official tourist ticket’ is the best option to discover Berlin. I got the 6 day ticket and I suggest it to everyone: the city is huge and has a lot to do and see and, for almost 1 week, I had the chance to choose from a catalogue with discounts in more than 200 attractions.

I went to the Berlin Story museum, located in a subterranean bunker, I saw ‘Dali – The Exhibition’ and I did a walking tour to discover the local street art. On the other hand, for 6 days I could use for free all the trains and metro, all the trams and buses (including TXL, from the airport to Alexanderplatz, right in the heart of Berlin).

Berlin WelcomeCard is totally worth it. After using the card for almost one week, by the end I even saved money.


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