On the Road: Warsaw, City of Contrasts

One of the good things about living in Berlin, is the opportunity to travel easily for many other destinations. More than being well connected to other cities, Berlin is, like everyone knows, centrally located in Europe (specially compared to Lisbon, my hometown).

In my first trip out of Berlin, I went to Warsaw. The polish capital was a positive surprise: it has a lot of attractions and, even if the city is having a fast growing, Warsaw is still genuine and keeps a lot of its History.

In a few words, I would say that Warsaw is a city of contrasts: historical houses ‘live’ side by side with new high-rise buildings. Anyway, the Old Town is well preserved and it was a pleasure for me to roam and discover its cobblestone streets.

Another highlight of my visit to Warsaw was the local University’s library. Located close to Vistula river, this architectural icon is a cultural hub: not only houses thousand of books but is also a place for exhibitions and an impressive public garden.

And what a garden!!! Warsaw’s University Library is a colorful garden that is a pleasure to discover: you can relax in one of the few benches or you can climb to the rooftop and have amazing views to Vistula river or Warsaw’s uptown.

Lazienki Park is another recommendation I would like to share: this park houses the romantic Lazienki Palace, an ethereal place surrounded by a lake and colorful flowers.

Last but not least, I would like to invite you to cross Vistula river and discover the other side of Warsaw: Praga is the most alternative and dynamic district in the polish capital.

Although poorer than Warsaw, Praga is an interesting area to visit, discovering the local street art and architecture: in this side is located the biggest orthodox church of Poland and Rozyckiego Bazar, nowadays a remain of what used to be one of the biggest local street markets.

Praga is also famous thanks to Roman Polanski. The polish director shot the touching movie ‘The Pianist’ in Mala ulica and this street is, definitely, a must stop if you ever go to Warsaw.

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