2020, Welcome to the Future

Beach House – Irene
Undoubtedly, the band and the song I listened the most this decade

Dear all, welcome to the future!! I would like to start to wish you all a fantastic new year, 2020 will rock, I can feel it! Also, and even if it´s not literally correct, this is the start of a new decade (some say it will be just in 2021!), another ten years full of challenges and, at the same time, personal evolution (hopefully!).

When I think about all I did in the last 10 years I feel truly happy: I travelled every continent; I lived in 7 different countries, I worked in three of them and volunteer in another two; I made my dream come true of publishing two poetry books; I met so many people, making friends from all over the world; I created this successful blog!

This new decade I am open to whatever is new and challenging! Honestly, it helps me to feel motivated to keep going. Anyway, and even if I don´t plan much in advance, there are 3 areas that I’ll keep investing in the near future:

After writing more than 250 haikus, this new year I will collect the best and favorite ones to publish a book! I feel really excited… for now, I have the concept of the book in my head: it will be the description of a train trip from Tokyo to Kyoto and the back, from Kyoto to Tokyo. Let´s see how it works!

Another challenge for myself is to travel and discover new and interesting cities to visit. For those who have been following me, maybe it doesn´t sound new, however I would like to focus and share what I find the most interesting in a destination.

Simultaneously, I would like to invest more in my blog: as I wrote previously, from now on I will have less posts (the usual quotes are posted, from now on, in this blog) but more dedicated ones to my travels and to the culture area, from stories signed with my literary alter-ego, Mário C. Brum, to book suggestions and interviews with local illustrators, for example.

PedroL on Instagram

I would like to take advantage of the fact I created here, thanks to you my fellow readers, this huge and global community, composed by more than 100 thousand followers from all over the world, and have a space to share more interesting and profound articles.

From now on, you will see the result of some partnerships I made with local entities and tourism boards. On the other hand, I would like to invite you to follow me here on wordpress but also on Instagram. This way, this project will become stronger and able to bring you even more interesting posts! Thanks for your help and for being there!! And, again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

What about you, what are your plans for the year and decade just started?? You are more than welcome to share it in the comments section below!


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8 responses to “2020, Welcome to the Future

  1. May your book project turn out how you imagine it.. the landscape between Tokyo and Kyoto is very beautiful, I travelled in Japan many years ago (Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya)…I like to manifest the coming years travelling as much as you have done, so keep inspire us readers…My plan is to travel to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodija, Thailand, Malaysia with my youngest daughter on a 3 month trip within the coming 1,5 year…

    • That’s so amazing Aviaja, travel for 3months with your youngest daughter, specially in that area that is kind of unique, i’m sure you’ll experience a lot 🙂 yeah, i was also in Japan a few years ago but i feel like i should return, it’s such a unique country… and lately i’ve been discovering and reading some local authors, it’s always a surprise eheh have a wonderful weekend, PedroL

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