On the Road: Bragança, in the Citadel of a Thousand Years

One positive thing about Portugal is the diversity! Geographical diversity, to be more precise. In such small distance, we´re lucky to have ocean and rivers, cities and villages, coast and mountains, islands and physical borders.

As I am now living in Porto, I am taking the opportunity to discover the north of Portugal. And so, I began 2020 spending some days in Bragança. Bragança is the farthest district capital from Lisbon. In fact, the city is just a few kilometers from Spain, in the northeast region of Portugal. From Porto, a bus took me there in just 3 hours.

I have to admit, once I arrived in Bragança I felt truly surprised, I never thought the city would be so big. The local university helped a bit, not only in terms of construction, but also about the local vibe: there´s a lot of people outside, roaming around, taking transportation, facing the cold (it was -4 one of these nights!).

My favorite area of Bragança is the Citadel, inside the castle walls. This medieval area is located at the top of a hill and easy to reach from the city centre.

Bragança’s citadel is very well preserved: after passing the stone gateway, I felt back in time, roaming its cobblestone streets, a bit slippery but unique, as it took me to discover the first neighbourhood, dated from the 1100’s… almost a thousand years ago, can you imagine?!?

Maybe because it is winter time, there were just a few tourists, besides the residents: some local old people, a stray dog and a few lovely cats. So, as you may imagine, it was truly peaceful to roam around these streets, taking time to admire Bragança’s castle and the town´s oldest church, Santa Maria.

Back to the urban centre, I discovered some street art, from grafiti to an amazing sculpture by Bordallo II, as you can see in the photos above.

Also, I appreciated the fact Bragança has such nice museums, such as Graça Morais Contemporary’s Art Complex and George Dussaud’s Photography Centre. What about the Municipal Theater? Seems to me a nice piece of architecture, don´t you think?

I spent two days in Bragança but I could have stayed longer. This city is pleasant to discover, wandering by the banks of Fervença river, with a park and some local cafés, where I had the chance to make a break for a hot drink and read the book I brought with me, which, sooner or later, I’ll tell you about.

Feel free to discover more about Bragança as, in the next days, I will share more photos here at the blog and on my Instagram.


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33 responses to “On the Road: Bragança, in the Citadel of a Thousand Years

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  2. To be honest, I used to be quite critical towards clearly edited photos (i.e. filters/post processing).

    However, I once found myself looking at a printed picture with the photographer right next to it and I was like: “This must be edited!” – he just responded like: “Nope!”

    Ever since then I realized I shouldn’t be overly conscious about it and and I have to say:
    This whole blog of yours makes such a great composition that I don’t care at all if and how much the photos are edited!

    Also thank you for looking at my blog, now I don’t even feel like I’m quite ready for such awesome audience^^

    • so cool to read you 🙂 you can be sure you’ll have a wonderful time in Bragança… these next days will share more photos here and on instagram, feel free to connect also there 🙂 cheers, PedroL

  3. Hello Pedrol.

    We have been in Portugal in few Place, but never in this place, but who knows if in the future… I read your comment about Nile and it seemed that you love it. I have made four posts about our Nile cruise, so if you are interested, then here:

    Nile cruise1

    It is also in Portuguese, if you interested in to know it.

    Tenha um dia maravilhoso!

  4. Love the vibe of your blog! Discovering new places not so further away from home is great! I have never been to Portugal but I’m saving it to discover it more in depth and go to lesser-known places, but I can’t wait for this trip! 😊 Cheers!

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    • dear Sumedha, that’s very kind and an extra motivation to keep on writing and sharing many destinations here at the blog 🙂 thank you so much for your comment 🙂 have a wonderful week! regards, PedroL

  6. Thanks for liking my blog post on Cabo, Mexico, BCS. First visit to your blog and I can see why you have 7k followers. Well written, informative, good pics, nice font and good use of white space.
    Muchas gracias!

  7. Thank you for sharing! It looks very serene. I visited southern France and Barcelona last November, and there were very few tourists. Although many of the attractions were closed, there was a unique stillness when we toured the citadels and castles alone…. breathtaking. I can see some of that captured here.

    Also – that artwork from Bordalo II is amazing!

    • Hi and thanks a lot for the feedback 🙂 Bragança is a big city in the middle of nowhere ahah in fact, it is pretty close to Spain and far from Porto (not to mention how far is from Lisbon lol) 🙂 on the other hand, I believe its location made the city become interesting and specially the citadel is truly amazing… As you said, it was very serene (and quiet I would say), but I believe it might be different in the summer eheh thanks again and have a wonderful weekend, be well and safe! PedroL

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