Food for Thought #3

Chromatics ~ You’re No Good
When exactly does someone starts to feel at home after moving to a new city?? I am sure it depends on the person, the conditions and the activities one is doing in the new location. Anyway, according to my experience, the city itself is also very important, naturally.
I came to Porto last september. It may sounds ridiculous (and kind of comic, I admit!) but it took me 2 weeks to realize that in Porto there was no time difference to Lisbon… it happened because I spent part of 2019, from March to August, around different european cities, from Berlin to Warsaw, from Kiev to Lviv.

And then, when I moved to the second most important portuguese city, I knew I wasn´t in my hometown and, therefore, I felt I was still abroad.
Even if I had been in Porto many times before, it is the first time I am staying for such a long consecutive period here. I’m having a great time and, more than feel at the right hour (sighs lol), I am totally at home.

One of the things that makes me feel at home in Porto is street art. Berriblue, one of the local street artists, is a great example! Borned in Poland, Berriblue is now based in Porto after making her studies and causing impact in Dublin, Ireland.
With a work focused on a very personal (and peculiar) view of art and sexuality, mental health and religion, it is for me impossible to remain indifferent when I’m confronted with her work sneaked in the walls of the downtown.
In fact, even if some look fearful, Berriblue´s brilliant ability to express anxiety and depression, dreams and death, transform these streets into something familiar, where I roam with a sense of astonishment, in a permanent challenge of fear and (dis)comfort.
Another thing that makes me feel at home in Porto are two public gardens: Virtudes and Palácio de Cristal are two of the most beautiful spaces in town (if you visit Porto, don´t forget to stop there) and where I usually go with a book.

In this first month of the year, I have read two novels: ‘The Eternal Wonder’ by Pearl S. Buck and ‘The Wind’ by Claude Simon. If the first was a disillusion, the second one turned into a good surprise.
It is not easy to enter ‘The Wind’. In fact, just after a while I noticed the complexity of the first pages. In common, there is an whirlwind: of characters; of thoughts; of dialogues; of feelings; of air.

It was when the breeze started to calm down that I had the chance to comprehend Claude Simon’s novel.

Anyway, and thanks for being translated by one of the biggest portuguese surrealist poets, Mário Cesariny, ‘The Wind’ takes us in an uncertain yet constant progression to understand a crime committed a long time ago.
And so, with books and street art, I’m making my life these months here in Porto. What about you, what book suggestions do you have?? And what makes you feel at home in a new city?


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6 responses to “Food for Thought #3

    • Yeaaaaaah, i love that song ahah in fact, I posted it some ‘dj sessions’ ago 🙂 and Chromatics are definitely the band I listen the most currently eheh thanks for your feedback! have a wonderful week 🙂 PedroL

  1. Pedro, achei muito curioso falares da street art como uma das coisas que te faz sentir em casa. Para mim, a street art também é muito importante mas no sentido de quebrar o sentido de repetição que há por vezes ao viver tantos anos na mesma cidade, como eu. Gosto da sensação de transformação a preencher as paredes por onde passo e desta forma mais próxima da arte estar no dia a dia das pessoas. Um bom fim de semana e boas leituras 🙂

    • Boa tarde Inês, tudo porreiro?? Pois, é também isso, até sentir que a arte dos próprios artistas vai evoluindo e isso constatar-se nas paredes das cidades 😉 e cá no Porto a streetart é mt diversa, nao se limita, felizmente, ao grafiti eheh ai tnh tts livros para ler lol uma alegria 🙂 boa semana, bjnhs! PedroL

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