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Ela Minus – they told us it was hard, but they were wrong
I love music! Every year I attend several music events, no matter where I am. In fact, when I´m abroad (either travelling or living), one of the first things I do is to check the local cultural agenda.
I’m a festival devotee. According to my experience, a (good!) festival is the perfect place to discover new artists. And Ela Minus is one of those amazing artists I found thanks to an event like this, more precisely Jameson Urban Roots, in Lisbon, 2 and half years ago.
Ela Minus is a special and subtle artist. She knows how to excite the curiosity and I remember to be impressed even before her entrance on stage: in a dark scenery, there were just synths covered with lights and a simple sentence ‘Bright Music for Dark Times’ (a mere thought Gabriela?).
I didn´t knew Ela Minus, so, I have to admit, that day I didn´t had any expectations. However, again, I got surprised: from the dark background, emerged a girl in a white dress that seemed to be levitating through the stage. My first impression was to be in the presence of a little angel.

Ela Minus has an unique aura and her music is otherworldly: different layers of sounds take one’s body control while her appealing voice murmurs indistinctly to the mind.
As you may imagine, in a concert it works perfectly. In fact, when I first saw her live, I experienced this strange but pleasant feeling of freedom, a huge celebration conducted by some kind of angel turned into a shaman, who joins you in a never ending dance to commemorate life.
It’s true! Ela Minus literally danced, mixed in the audience and connecting with all of us, looking deep into our eyes and entering our souls, turning her show an unforgettable night… I have to be sincere, her concert was so touching and intense that I don’t have any memories from the other performances.
A few months later, I had this trip booked to New York and can you guess who was playing in Brooklyn?? That´s right, in less than one year, I was lucky enough to see Ela Minus twice… this time in her adoptive town.

I was truly fortunate: it coincided exactly with the day I was arriving in New York. Serendipity?? I just knew I couldn´t miss it. It was a long and tiring day though: I had to be in Lisbon airport at 4am to catch a flight to Madrid, as I was flying to the big apple transferring in the spanish capital.
I think I landed at 3pm local time in New York (less 4 hours than in Lisbon), and it was my first time in this amazing city. My plan was to stay 1 week in Brooklyn and then another week in Manhattan. When I finally checked-in in my hostel in Williamsburg it was like 5pm and I had the chance to rest a bit and take a shower, have something to eat and walk around to discover part of the area.
Around 8pm I took the metro and after 5 or 6 stops I arrived at Jefferson street station and walked to this venue called Elsewhere. It took me a while to find it but after some time I finally had a beer and time to relax before the start of the concert.
I was really tired but when Ela Minus started I felt so excited that, again, I couldn´t stop dancing. I have the feeling this performance was very short but, to be honest, I was so exhausted that I left Elsewhere a few songs after the second band started.

Ela Minus is one of the best souvenirs I brought from New York. The remembrance of her show in Elsewhere takes me back to the streets of New York and to the amazing cafés and bookstores of Brooklyn. Naturally, she became one of the highlights of those memorable two weeks.
Perhaps it’s her aura (as I call it before), but Ela Minus is special. Rare, I would say… These days I got really happy when she announced her first album for autumn. ‘They Told Us It Was Hard, But They Were Wrong’ is the first single and, undoubtedly, an addictive song. What a great introduction to her long awaited record!!
I recommend you all to discover Ela Minus and, if you have the chance, go to a concert and dance with her. Due to the coronavirus situation, some of her performances were postponed and are not confirmed, anyway, if you´re lucky enough, take the opportunity to see her in any of these festivals: Best Kept Festival next June, in Primavera Sound in August and/or Coachella in October.
When the times are dark, we should dance: it develops humanity in-between people and it creates immunity to any viruses. Gracias for your melodies Gabriela!


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