Rigas Diena: My 9 Months Experience Now on ebook

Riga is one of the several cities I had the chance to live over the last years. The Latvian capital has finally grown in attention and, regularly, I’ve been asked by readers from all over the world about travels and expatriations to the Baltic region.

This way, I decided to publish the ebook ‘Rigas Diena’ as a result of living 9 months in the biggest city of the Baltic states: in 40 pages you will read about those challenging times, including some tips on how I found a job and how it was to work in Latvia. 

 In fact, I lived a series of unforgettable episodes: from meeting new interesting people to miss my relatives and friends in Lisbon; from the desperation of being stuck at home for consecutive days to the bliss and excitement when I started to work in a local company.

For those who already followed this experience here at worldwidepedrol.com, don’t worry: you will find a revision and new edition on most of the chronicles as well as an updated and more complete version of the Riga Guide, with my favorite top suggestions of what you can find in the city.

Furthermore, you will have the chance to read travel chronicles never published before, based in my trips around the Baltic states, such as a weekend in Vilnius (in Lithuania) and my return to Tallinn (in Estonia).

Take this opportunity to support me and my work and enjoy the chance to discover the amazing city of Riga through a foreigner´s eyes. ‘Rigas Diena’ is now on sale for just 3 dollars ~ 3 euros.

Simply click below and pay on Paypal. After the payment confirmation, you will get the ebook in pdf by email. Thank you for your support and enjoy your reading!

Rigas Diena ebook

daily life chronicles / how I started to work / tips to find a job / guide with over 25 recommendations / hidden gems / best brunches / travel chronicles of Tallin and Vilnius


26 responses to “Rigas Diena: My 9 Months Experience Now on ebook

  1. Thank you for posting this, I would be very interested to read your account of your stay in Riga. My grandparents were Latvian and I visited Riga a long time ago. It was a wonderful city and I’d love to go back, but as that’s not an option right now, at least I can read about it!

    • dear Ingrid, thank you so much for your comment 🙂 I can imagine how fun it would be for your read my experience in Riga 🙂 it was challenging but truly positive, I’m sure you’ll love to read my impressions there and it will work as an extra motivation to visit a country where your roots are from 🙂 once you get let me know your feedback 🙂 stay safe, PedroL

  2. Reblogged this on Equal Opportunity Reader and commented:
    I love seeing people publish their stories, and I personally had a great time exploring Riga, Vilnius and Tallin years ago. This book seems like it might be worth it if you’re planning a post-COVID trip. I haven’t read it, but if you do let us know how it is in the comments.

    • dear Mel, thank you so much for sharing my ebook dedicated to those months in the amazing and unique city of Riga 🙂 I’m sure you’d love to read my experience and see Riga through my eyes 🙂 have a great week, PedroL

  3. I purchased your ebook! I’m going to give it a read and if it’s alright with you, I’d like to write up a review about it to post to my blog?! 🙂 Let me know what you think!

    • Dear Kelly, check your email 🙂 as I wrote you it means a lot to me that you purchased my ebook, I hope you find it interesting and it makes you smile reading my adventures in a city (and country) with a culture so différent of mine ahah

      It will be great if you take some time to review my ebook and post in your blog, that’s so kind, thank you so much 🙂 I have already a few feedback and people have been so helpful and nice 🙂

      Thanks again and have a lovely week,

      • Absolutely not a problem! I’d be happy to do that! I’ll probably reach out and see if I can ask you some follow up questions if you don’t mind? 🙂

    • Thanks Jorge, I think you will love to read the ebook, and of course your wife to see Riga and Latvia through a foreigners eyes eheh PedroL

  4. Hi Pedro, thanks for all your support with “Peace”. Much appreciated. Best of luck with your ebook, which looks very interesting. Have you any idea why no one appears to have visited the “St. Ives” post in my blog?

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