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Slowly, life is returning to normal in Portugal. As the lockdown measures are (temporarily) suspended, life tends to the ‘new normal’: we now have to wear masks to take transportation, to enter a shop… as probably in your cities.

Last monday I went to Lisbon. Finally!! Last time I was in Lisbon it was probably 3 months ago… of course the city didn´t change ~ the buildings and the streets are in the same place (lol!); our beloved Tagus river still pours under the bridge that, every time I see, reminds me of its sister, Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.

Stay safe!

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  1. Nice to hear things are getting back to normal where you are. Also in Spain, except that here all the adults come out at 8pm and it turns into a big social event which seems a bit counterintuitive. Hopefully there won’t be the need to ‘re-lockdown’ again before the summer!

    • Ouch… I know how social latins are, but that seems, apparently, a bit too much no?? All the best Ingrid 🙂 PedroL

    • So cool Ali, I’m sure you will love my country 🙂 if you need any tip, let me know, I have a few travel chronicles ‘lost’ here at the blog eheh regards, PedroL

      • We did have two nights in Porto a few years ago, but hardly touched the surface!
        I will be sure to look at your other posts.

      • Porto is so cool, I spent there last months as I did a pos graduation in a local uni 🙂 of course, a good reason to discover the north of Portugal and Spain eheh PedroL

  2. We here in the USA are under a cloud of unknown. I just read that a person, a worker a Dollar Store in Flint, Michigan was killed because they asked a customer to put a mask on. Scary. Be safe and well.

  3. Nice relaxing images. Here too the government is starting to relax the confinement but very slowly but as Montreal is the epicentre of the pandemic things will open here a bit later. We are all very tired of staying close to home and are very much looking forward to a time when we can have a somewhat normal life. We visited Portugal in 2011 and absolutely loved it; we would love to go back one day… (Suzanne)

    • I understand you Suzanne, in Portugal we were almost 60 days (less!) at home and it was so hard… and now, what we’re affraid is a possible second round of the viruses… crazy times, hopefully with the less possible victims, but it’s so hard to say and predict… wishing you all the best, have a great week 🙂 PedroL

  4. I thought it was San Francisco!! I’m just outside in the suburbs of SF, the Bay Area has been in shelter in place the longest. They’re FINALLY easing some restrictions after almost 50 days here. My son went back to work yesterday. Going to L.A. for the first time today to see my mom, who’s been isolated this whole time. Luckily I’m just going straight there solo to her house, really hoping the beaches open up though so I can at least dive in the water! Stay safe!!
    Portugal is on my bucket list…

    • tough times right Helleren?? hopefully it will pass and then you´ll manage to visit Portugal and confirm the similarities (and differences) in both bridges and then, when you return home, you will have a deja vu every time you see ‘your’ Golden Gate 🙂

      I used to work in a hotel in Lisbon and we had a lot of american tourists! it was really fun because they always asked us about the possibility to cross this bridge… and we were like ‘are you crazy?’, but then I went to New York and I crossed many of the local bridges walking ahah

      hope all is fine with your and your relatives! all the best and feel free to contact me if you need any info about Portugal! in fact, and because the country is relatively small, i’ve been in the most important cities 🙂 sooner or later I might collect all the chronicles i wrote here 🙂

      • So far, so good!! Just got to my mom’s in L.A., door to door w/out other interaction.
        Yes, I’ve ridden my bike over the bridge a few times and ferried back to SF. I’m a really good tour guide here as well 🙂 Stay safe, we’re all good here besides the beaches being closed.

    • maybe because I’m so into travel, I follow more the news related to other countries rather than Portugal… and I’ve seen that, in France the situation is still tough right?? Bonne chance 🙂 à bientot 🙂 PedroL

  5. So glad to hear about some sort of normalcy somewhere.
    And that bridge does look like the Golden Gate Bridge especially in that beautiful light of the morning sun ( or is it evening? ) , but I don’t think the banks of the river in SF are as gentle and sandy.
    Thanks for sharing such a peaceful pic. Stay safe

    • thanks for your comment! and yup, it was in the evening… would love to have the chance to visit San Francisco to check it by myself ahah see you soon 🙂 PedroL

  6. I am glad to read that things are getting back to normal! Stay safe and well 🙂

  7. I am glad to hear things are getting back to normal there. Here in New York we are beginning to see a ray of hope but we are not yet at that point where businesses are opening up back yet. Stay safe.

    • Thanks for your feedback Molly 🙂 New York is such a special city to me that to see the news made me cry… Anyway, there’s always hope 🙂 soon it will be fine and we can get back to the normal, hopefully 🙂 have a wonderful week and stay safe! PedroL

  8. It´s good to know the buildings remain in the same place! LOL Jokes aside, things are back to normal here in Germany too, but it does feel like a new reality. Everybody has to wear masks, social distancing is still a must….We gotta do, what we gotta do for now. But I can´t wait to go back to our old normal life.

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