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I have to admit, I feel Lisbon quite different: my hometown lost its cosmopolitan vibe, as there are no tourists at all. The few people outside are just locals and, in fact, as the streets became empty, at the same time, I found them longer, as I could see to a wider distance.

Wishing you all the best, feel free to share the ‘new normal’ you are experiencing in your cities.

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    • hey hey 🙂 I have to be honest, I don’t know the name of this tree 🙂 this area is in Belém, one of the most touristy area of Lisbon, full of parks and monuments 🙂 also the riverbanks give a great atmosphere to the area 🙂 thanks for your interest and see you soon 🙂 PedroL

      • by the way, sorry, I thought it was previous photo… it is in Eduardo VII Park, in Marquês de Pombal 🙂 PedroL

      • You have a park named after a British king. That’s very interesting 🙂.
        Those might be plane trees, they planted them in London parks because the bark falls off naturally and keeps them looking bright and clean, especially when there is pollution around.

      • that’s fun Ian, right?? for sure, there was some connection with that king 🙂 and yeah, this Park is right in the center of Lisbon and, on the south side, has a huuuuuuuge roundabout, so maybe it helps when it comes to pollution… thanks for your insight Ian 🙂 PedroL

  1. We will all get through, renewed confidence will prevail in the meantime we continue to stay safe and ride the storm. Wishing a speedy recovery the world over.

    • I also like it 🙂 this walk it was like to roam in a place that I’ had never been before though… I’m so used to this park with a few people here and there, some dogs too… well, one of the good things is that there’s not much traffic 😛 say hi to Ayo 🙂 PedroL

      • I’m glad! In France, there was so much traffic on Monday.. it was a little bit scary. 🙂 Ahhh I will! He’s right next to me ^_^ Béa

      • Maybe you dont know but i lived in Nice (for 1 year) and dated a french girl for almost 3 years ahah all this just to say that I remember how chaotic it was in Nice, there’s a local tram and everyday there were cars stopping the train lol surreal… PedroL

  2. San Diego, CA– beaches, parks, take out food services with distancing. We get groceries delivered to our home. Unfortunately, those without jobs and low on money are waiting long hours in food lines. Hope all becomes more normal soon.

    • thanks for your feedback Art 🙂 that’s right, let’s hope it all becomes well as soon as possible 🙂 regards, PedroL

  3. Stunning shot!
    When I visited Lisbon the city was teeming with people from around the world and it is hard to imagine it almost completly empty. Anyways, this is what is happening in cities all around Europe… sometimes I find it hard even to recognize my hometown.

  4. Truly sad and wistful walking down a large empty space like that. You can palpably feel what it used to be like: full of life.
    Here in Portland there is a similar vibe but not as much as in Portugal.
    Thanks for sharing, friend.

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