lisbon stories #1: See You Soon Ó Galeria Lisboa

This week I shared here a few of the changes I’ve been noticing in Lisbon. Due to the coronavirus, commerce is, undoubtedly, one of the most affected sectors.

As I roamed around the downtown, I found some bookstores and shops closed. Part of them will open in the next few weeks but one of my favorites just announced its permanent closure.

Ó Galeria, a project dedicated to the art of illustration, closed its doors in Lisbon. And I feel so sorry… Ó is one of my favorite galleries, a place where I knew I could always find inspiration and be surprised. 

Over the last 5 years I had the chance to buy amazing prints, take part in workshops and discover new artists. Last exhibitions I saw were dedicated to Joana Pinto (1st photo), a portuguese illustrator, and Maria Luque (2nd photo), an argentinian illustrator from the amazing city of Rosario (see my photo essay here!).

This day I came home with a double feeling: I am fortunate for being healthy (that’s, in fact, the most important), but I know, part of me is also composed by these special places that make part of my own Lisbon and, when they close, it hurts a bit.

As I realize my near future will be in Lisbon, Lisbon Stories are a collection of chronicles to share my impressions around my city and give to know some of the projects I like the most here. Not in a touristy way but just like a local, surprised in his own hometown. Hope you find it interesting!

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26 responses to “lisbon stories #1: See You Soon Ó Galeria Lisboa

    • Thanks Naomi 🙂 I’m sure we all have our favorite shops, and streets and activities, that, for the moment, are in stand by… Have a great weekend, PedroL

  1. The gallery looks really amazing. That’s shame that I didn’t go there in my last visit.
    Yes, one of the good thing that we are all healthy and I really hope the lockdown will be over soon

  2. Hi Pedro, I’m sorry for the pain that you’re feeling. I’ve been experiencing similar pains, not with a gallery but with my favourite food stalls at a coffee shop here in Singapore. May we find new favourites after this is over and keep the memories alive for the ones that are gone.

    – Yoke

    • hi Yoke, it was really nice to read your comment 🙂 I totally agree with you: let’s take this situation as the step to discover new places that might become good and interesting for us in the future 🙂 have a great weekend, PedroL

    • well, I try to be positive and think about the possibility that it will reopen in the future… let´s see 🙂 have a great sunday! PedroL

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