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As I wrote in my travel chronicle dedicated to Oviedo, the asturian capital has nearly a hundred statues. Many of them portray some traditional professions that were relevant to the city.

In this photo you can see ‘The Milkmaid’, a statue that, logically, refers to all those who went to Oviedo to sell milk and related products.

It’s not easy to find this statue, but you should visit. Once you are in Constitution square look for an arch on the side of the City Hall. In a few steps you will see more statues and then, in a small square surrounded by colored two-storey buildings, this statue.

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    • É uma cidade porreira, sim senhora 🙂 surpreendeu-me porque talvez não tivesse grandes expectativas mas foi uma maravilha 🙂 aproveita, ai do Porto há os flixbus da garagem da batalha, apanhei um para Bilbao e depois fiz o caminho de regresso à invicta parando em algumas cidades como Oviedo 🙂 tem um excelente e luminoso dia, PedroL

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