locals #1: Yerevan by Zara

Locals is a new series here at PedroL where I invite a local to share some of his/her recommendations on his/her city, ideally not the touristy ones but what is, in fact, worth seeing to feel the city, just like the locals do.

Discover Yerevan with the local Zara!! This 38 years old engineer likes to travel and explore new places sharing her experiences around the world in her amazing blog and on her instagram. One of her highest accomplishments was literally to do the ‘Annapurna Circle Trek and reach 5416m Thorong-la-Pass, which is the highest mountain pass in the world’, she confesses.

But now, Zara, please let us know about your Yerevan, capital and biggest city in Armenia:

Probably my most favorite areas of Yerevan are its small and big parks. There are several cute green or new built parks full of fountains in the city center which are usually full of people on sunny days. I prefer to spend hot sunny days in the Botanical Garden of Yerevan. 

I wouldn’t say this is among the best botanical gardens that I saw, but it is a good place to feel outside the city far from dusty streets and noise, and enjoy the chill weather under the trees.

People come here with families for picnics, riding bicycles or just hiding from the burning sun. It is quite big, so the place is enough for everyone.

Not all interesting spots are located in the city center. Sometimes there are many important places to see in city suburbs as well. In Yerevan there is one neighborhood called Erebuni, which took its name from “Erebuni” Fortress and museum located here. 

This is one of the oldest archaeological sites in Yerevan, as the history of the city starts here. The fortress was the residence of Urartian Kings and was found in 782 BC. 

You can see all the artifacts and inscriptions found during excavation inside the museum or even in fortress ruins. Finally you can have a nice view of the “new” city from the top of the hill, on which the “old” city was built.

The main event that relates to Yerevan only is the celebration of our old city’s birthday. In the mid of October there are several events happening in different neighborhoods of Yerevan during 2 days and all this ends up with a beautiful firework. 

Yerevan is considered as one of the oldest capitals in the world, which is 29 years older than Rome! This year we will celebrate the city’s 2802nd anniversary!

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22 responses to “locals #1: Yerevan by Zara

  1. Pedro a lot of your photography is stunning. I was wondering if you’d be interested in showcasing a photo (exclusive to us not published elsewhere including your own blog) For our arts collective The Finest Example, for which I am the arts editor. If interested send to TFESubmissions@hotmail.com with a short bio and any links. I hope you will consider. Matt

  2. This is a great idea, Pedrol. I have never been to Yerevan or that part of the world and this is a good blog to encourage me to include these in my travel plans for the future.

    • Ciao Georgina, how is your weekend going?? Thanks for your feedback, I’m glad you appreciated this post 🙂

      Yerevan is a fascinating city, I’m sure you’d like it if you go 🙂 it’s totally worth it eheh keep this article because it has tips from a local 🙂

      Wishing you a great weekend,

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