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In our tour of Oviedo, and after my post dedicated to the city, today I would like to show you the ‘Plaza del Fontan’ (square of Fontan).

Located in between two markets (the historical Fontan market and the outdoor market in front of San Feliz palace), the ‘Plaza del Fontan’ ends to be a quiet place, ideal for a little rest, as there is a lot of spots to sit.

The ‘Plaza del Fontan’ is also, as you may see with these photos, a colorful square, surrounded by two storey buildings painted in bright colors.

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13 responses to “insta #944

  1. Belíssimo local. Adoro ver as arquitecturas e paisagens que compõem as cidades, que lhes dão toques tão característicos. As tuas fotos são soberbas nesse aspecto.

    • Fico contente que gostes Irina 🙂 eu cá, também adoro procurar esses locais e perder-me cidades adentro eheh tem um bonito dia 🙂 PedroL

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