Donate 1 dollar 1 euro to PedroL

Dear all, you can now contribute to PedroL: with the recently launched Donation box you can easily support this blog with 1 dollar ~ it’s less than 1 euro.

In this pandemic times, with the closure of the most hospitality companies and part of the tourism companies, I found myself unemployed yet with more time to dedicate to World Wide PedroL.

My idea is to offer you some interesting ebooks. But for now, you can support this blog with just 1 dollar Donation through Paypal: it’s truly easy, it can be made by using your email or with a card.

Your support will be very helpful for World Wide PedroL: by one hand, it will be used to fund the maintenance of the blog; but also to keep it ads free.

On the other hand, your Donation will help me to keep the blog with free quality content and, of course, finance new articles that you will love to read.

Thank you so much for your attention and have a great day,
Your friend,

2 responses to “Donate 1 dollar 1 euro to PedroL

  1. Infelizmente, também fiquei desempregada e no momento, não posso contribuir. Mas desejo-te sorte.

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