Hand in hand with my special relatives

This post was originally posted in 2015 and it is related to the Lisbon Book Fair. Due to the pandemic, this year the event was postponed from April to September… but, to be honest, I felt the same feelings I shared with you in this text. Hope you like it and thanks for reading!

First memories I have from Lisbon Book Fair is to went to the center of the city center of my city, Rua Augusta, one of the most iconic pedestrian streets of Lisbon, and walk hand in hand with my father. An intense and unknown open library composed by hundreds and hundreds of shelves: what a pleasure, what a paradise!

It happened two decades ago and I remember that my father bought ‘O Amor É Fodido’ (‘Love is Fucked Up’), one of the most successfull books written by one of my favorite writers and chroniclers, Miguel Esteves Cardoso. It was a gift to my sister, who was totally heartbroken for a guy… of course, me and father laughed together.

These days, Lisbon Book Fair is on-going. In an impressive 85th edition, this literary event has changed its location but not its importance. It happens now in Parque Eduardo VII, one of the most impressive gardens in portuguese capital. Located just behind Marquês de Pombal Statue, it´s the perfect place to read a novel close to the nature.

Furthermore, Lisbon Book Fair is the right place to meet and chat with authors, in a casual environment, and there are cultural events going on: book releases; exhibitions; concerts; even a street food festival. Every day is different, so every day is interesting to go there! And I must admit something: even if I miss to be there with my father, there are so many books so I can walk hand in hand with my favorite authors, such special relatives.

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