Premium: My Weekend in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania

Vilnius is wrongly an underrated destination. I was lucky to visit the lithuanian capital four times and now, in this travel chronicle, I will share with you my pleasure of roaming around the old town and get acquainted with the local mix of heritages: from the Polish culture to the soviet ambiance.

In this Premium content article you’ll discover the local culture of Vilnius: I’ll reveal you about a narrowed passageway dedicated to Literature and the bohemian quarter of Uzupis, an independent republic with its own constitution and president. In the end you’ll also know how to get to Trakai, a fairytale peninsula with a castle.

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6 responses to “Premium: My Weekend in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania

  1. I visited Vilnius in May 2019, and I agree it’s underrated. I visited in the springtime, so the city was lush in greenery, which in contrast with the red roofs made it such a colorful place. Also had a really-hearty lunch of Lithuania’s dishes, all the while enjoying the blend of nature and urbanity that spring. Thanks for the memories!

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