hashtags #6: On Tracks for a Great Year

# 16th January. Exactly one year ago I was embarking in a night bus from Porto to Bilbao. The plan was simple, two days in the city home of the Guggenheim museum and then another two weeks around the spanish Basque country and Asturias.

# I didn´t know but I was taking my last trip for months… In fact, nowadays to travel like that would be considered an odyssey, don’t you agree? At the time the pandemic was just an event happening in a faraway country.

# I’m glad I took that nine hours bus ride. One of my most vivid memory is to see the sunrise beyond the mountains of the Basque country. Another is to arrive in a desert and cold city of Bilbao.

# We are approaching the so-called ‘most depressive day of the year’. It results of the fact that have passed two or three weeks since New Year’s Eve and Christmas and people will give up on their goals for the year. 

# Dear all, time is just a concept of orientation. Don’t let slip your goals. Sooner or later, hopefully, we’ll be back on the tracks of our accomplishments and that time don’t forget to take the best of every single moment. 

# As I wrote before, some of my plans include to go back to the road and return to the Basque country [in here you can read my travel chronicle about Vitoria Gasteiz], spend enough time there to get inspiration for a future ebook with chronicles, local guides, some surprises of course.

# What about you, what plans do you have for this new year? Feel free to share in the comments section down below.


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4 responses to “hashtags #6: On Tracks for a Great Year

    • Glad you liked it Victoria 🙂 and that’s exactly that, to be resilient and keep focus but also enough adaptable to the possibility of surprises of the way 🙂 thanks for the feedback, have a great weekend 🙂 PedroL

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