hashtags #7: Sintra for Valentine’s Day

# Many foreigners consider Lisbon a romantic city. However, locals (like me) would pick Sintra as probably the most appropriate destination for the Valentine’s day celebrations.

# Located about 30km from Lisbon, Sintra has seduced poets and artists, but specially kings and couples, throughout the centuries. Known for its palaces and gardens, its mysticism and charm, my image of Sintra relates to a fairytale city center, thanks to the cobblestone streets taken by the horse-drawn carriages.

# Another of my favorite local landmarks is the classic tram that departs from the city center to the Praia das Maçãs beach, in a 45 minutes journey that goes through a dreamy vegetation made of vines, orchards and a beautiful collection of trees.

# And it is so special to feel the unique microclimate that is, itself, a symbol of Sintra: usually the town is wrapped in fog and mist that reveals each of its details as something occult, esoteric!

# In your visit to Sintra look at the mountains and try to discover the colorful Pena Palace and the fortification of the Moorish Castle. Free your senses in Quinta da Regaleira, with its gardens and the magic ‘initiation well’, composed by a spiral staircase that descends into the ground.

#The well-known poet Lord Byron was in Sintra and wrote in ‘Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage’:

“Lo! Cintra’s glorious Eden intervenes
In variegated maze of mount and glen.
Ah me! what hand can pencil guide, or pen,
To follow half on which the eye dilates
Through views more dazzling unto mortal ken
Than those whereof such things the bard relates,
Who to the awe-struck world unlocked Elysium’s gates?”

# It’s so easy to fall in love in Sintra! Happy Valentine’s day!


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37 responses to “hashtags #7: Sintra for Valentine’s Day

  1. Beautiful. It was horribly crowded the day I visited Sintra. If I ever get to visit again I will do a night or two in town to visit all the beautiful castles early.

    • yeah, that’s probably the best method because Sintra is extremely touristy… but it’s so beautiful and special that iit’s impossible not to go, right Leala?? 🙂 have a great weekend, PedroL

  2. I went to Sintra five years ago, and despite the overcast skies that day, I found the place colorful and charming. I especially loved the iconic Pena Palace, and I’d like to return on a clear day to explore more and capture the beauty of the entire place. Thanks for sharing, Pedro! 🙂

    • You’re welcome Rebecca 🙂 that is so true, Sintra has a peculiar climate ahah I’m sure you will return and take even better from the town 🙂 best, PedroL

    • ahahah Sintra is very colorful but, in fact, sometimes the city is wrapped in a fog that is actually greyer than actualy yellow 😛 thank you so much for your comment 🙂 regards, PedroL

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  4. Quinta da Regaleira is wonderful…we never made it to the other beautiful palaces in Sintra, unfortunately, but, with the low hanging clouds it was like walking through a dream. The library alone is worth the price of admission….and the knockers…I did a post in my travel blog, http://sermonsinstones.blaseckie.ca/?p=631 if you’ll pardon my plug. I have this thing about kicking Dan Brown at every opportunity and it comes out in that post. Thank you PedroL for reminding me that Sintra actually exists somewhere outside of my heart….

  5. Good morning Jo, thanks a lot for sharing your article, it was amazing to see your perspective and specifically connecting with Mr Brown eheh and I laugh so much with the evil minions right at the beginning ahahah have a lovely day 🙂 PedroL

  6. What a beautiful city. And yes, as a non-native I too have heard about Lisbon and not Sintra. So whenever I plan a visit, I will make sure to visit this beautiful city as well!

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  8. Yes, every time someone asks me what to see in Lisbon I recommend Sintra. For me it is a place to not miss. The palace, the castle, the woods, the Quinta da Regaleira, and the food such as “Travesseiros de Sintra”. Yum. Sintra is for sure a best place for Valentine’s than Lisbon. Keep going.

    • Travesseiros de Sintra is definitely a must eheh and ‘queijadas’, have you tried?? I’m totally addicted, it reminds me when I was young and used to go to football games with my father eheh PedroL

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