hashtags #9: Sintra: A Day Around Hidden Beaches and Fishermen Villages

# One of the best things about Lisbon is the possibility to buy this metropolitan pass that, for a month, gives access to all the transports inside the town but also in the suburbs, like Cascais, Sintra, Azambuja and Setúbal.

# In May, it was the perfect excuse for me to visit Vila Franca de Xira and to spend a day discovering the impressive shoreline of Sintra, with its hidden beaches and fishermen villages.

# I have to admit, I wish I could have stopped and stay over for the night, but as I don’t have much money, I went to Sintra early in the morning and returned late in the evening.

# I started to take the local bus 403 to Praia das Maçãs (‘apple’s beach’, literally translated), a charming village known for its huge sandy beach. And even if the sky was grey and it was cold, I had a pleasant time, taking some moments for myself, watching the surfers and eating some grapes. 

# From Praia das Maçãs I took 441 bus to Azenhas do Mar, one of the most iconic villages of the coast: a collection of houses climb the hill in order to have the best view of the Atlantic Ocean. 

# Azenhas is smaller than a village but bigger than a country. It has such a soul!… and a few viewpoints to prove it. Besides, there are some natural pools, where it is possible to swim and feel the ocean in total safety.

# From Azenhas I took 441 bus again and stopped in Colares. Colares is this pristine town in the middle of the mountains, in between Sintra and the Atlantic.

# In Colares I had lunch before taking 403 bus again, now on the way to Cascais to discover Cabo da Roca. Have you heard about Cabo da Roca? 

# Cabo da Roca is the westernmost point of mainland Europe! Indeed, a remarkable place, full of history. There is a lovely lighthouse and a few walking trails. With a view like this, it is definitely a must go.

# In the next weeks I will share more photos from Praia das Maçãs and Azenhas do Mar, Cabo da Roca and Colares. Meanwhile, feel free to follow me on instagram


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9 responses to “hashtags #9: Sintra: A Day Around Hidden Beaches and Fishermen Villages

  1. Great post and wonderful photos. Azenhas do Mar is one of my favourite places in Portugal. Nestled between the ocean and the mountains, this small town has a heavenly location with some of the most amazing views ever. Thanks for sharing and have a nice evening, your photos bring back lots of amazing memories from our last trip to this beautiful place. Cheers. Aiva 🙂

    • obrigada Aiva 🙂 I feel really happy to make you remember such wonderful memories 🙂 hope you manage to return eheh have a lovely week!! PedroL

  2. That is a stunning coastline! I haven’t made it to many of the villages in Portugal, but I’d love to return to check them out! Thanks for sharing, PedroL. 🙂

    • Hope you manage to return Rebecca 🙂 and even if the country is small, there’s a lot to see eheh have a lovely week, PedroL

    • Glad to hear your positive feedback Ruth 🙂 don’t worry, I scheduled a few photos for these next days 🙂 have a great week, PedroL

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