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Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point mainland of Europe, in Sintra, Portugal

Read about my trip in the hidden beaches and fishermen villages of Sintra

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  1. Loved the picture so much. I don’t do photography myself but i love a good picture when I see one. Particularly because this one was from Portugal which is one of my favourite countries of all. I dream of a day when I would visit Portugal. I was born and raised in Goa, a Portuguese colonized city and have much that i have learnt about the life and times of the Portuguese before they departed. in fact my first book “Claudia” is a romantic fiction book based on this. You’ll be surprised to find similar structures in Goa like the one you photographed, built by the Portuguese of course. Maybe I will try sharing some pictures with you when i go back to Goa.

    • dear Sophia, it was amazing to read your story! I feel you must be really interesting, with a lot of great adventures to share 🙂

      it was also lovely to know about your interest in Portugal. that’s very kind! I really hope you manage to come. I’m sure you’ll have a great time discovering the country and (probably) some of your roots!

      to be honest, I also would love to visit India and Goa in particular! some years ago I was in Macau, another colonized territory by the portuguese and you cant imagine how surprised and happy was. it made a deep impact on me, as you may imagine!

      let’s keep in touch, have a great week and cheers from Lisbon,

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