on the road: Santander with Silvina Ocampo

Recently I took the best from some days off and I went to Santander, in the northern spanish region of Cantabria.

Thanks to the night bus, I arrived in Madrid right in the morning and had the opportunity to roam around the spanish capital for a few hours. As you may imagine, I took some time to visit the local bookstores.

Madrid is a pleasant city for booklovers. In fact, I easily found a few small ‘librerias’ and now I just can imagine my delight if I had more time to spend there. (Soon, I must go back to Madrid eheh!)

I’m not sure how aware you are about the prices of books in Portugal. But let me give you an example: many times in Lisbon I buy the spanish or english edition because the same book, in portuguese language, edited by a portuguese publisher, is much more expensive.

With this in mind, I took the chance of these few hours in Madrid to take my ‘bucket list’ and find some literary bargains. And one of books I bought (and this way accompanied me to Santander) was Silvina Ocampo’s anthology ‘Short Stories of the Terrible Girl’.

Does any of you know / has read Silvina Ocampo? This argentinian author is a pleasant surprise. Her short stories are a collection of exquisite situations with such peculiar characters.

It was great to arrive in Santander with her stories on my mind. I felt I was ready to discover this city with new eyes, even more curious than usual.

I spent two days in Santander and, in fact, now that I’m back, Ocampo’s amazing short stories are another great memory from Santander.

Santander, this little cultural gem, with sandy beaches and historical palaces, beautiful gardens and great street art, as I will show you in the next few posts. Take your seat, you’re about to arrive in Santander with PedroL and Silvina Ocampo!


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2 responses to “on the road: Santander with Silvina Ocampo

  1. Os livros em Portugal são um verdadeiro roubo… mas como sinto muitas vezes falta de ler em português, lá me deixo ser roubada 🙂 e sim, Madrid é uma cidade maravilhosa para book lovers. Tenho tantas saudades da cidade!

    • é surreal mesmo! a quantidade de livros que eu compro acho que já tinha pago uma casa ahahah e eu saudades de Londres, que tudo continue a correr bem 🙂 abraço, P

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