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José Saramago, the only author in portuguese language who won the Nobel prize of Literature (1998), is another highlight of the Lisbon Literary Walking Tour I will start next january.

Saramago is definitely one of my favorite authors: when I started to read him it was truly defiant due to his unique and rare style, but his creativity and humanity, humour and intensity turned to be a pleasant personal challenge.

saramago streetart

Even if Saramago was not born in Lisbon, my hometown recognizes the importance of his ouevre. In fact, some of the books take place in Lisbon and these streets have – everywhere! – evidences of his stories: from street art to restaurants/shops; from his foundation to the Tagus river.

For example, in ‘The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis’ – probably my favorite Saramago novel – he chronicles the last 12 months in the life of one of the most important Fernando Pessoa heteronyms, Ricardo Reis, who returned to Lisbon and lived a series of experiences around these streets and places.

It will be amazing for me to talk more about this and other Saramago books, his legacy in Lisbon but also how Saramago managed to use a little detail in Fernando Pessoa’s life to pay tribute to this local poet and the city of Lisbon. Hope you’re excited as well!!

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