Happy New Year… and Your Support!

That’s right, as we woke up today it is 1st January of 2022!! Would like to wish you all a fantastic new year, full of inspiration and challenges that make you evolve and feel proud of yourself.

As you know, in 2022 I will start the Lisbon Literary Walking Tour. If you are planning to visit my hometown it will be the perfect way to discover more about the portuguese culture and, more precisely, about the local writers and their legacy in the city of Lisbon.

I feel really excited about this project: not only because I adore reading and share some of my favorite authors, but I believe it will also be a great opportunity to meet and greet some of you!!

In this new year I also want to dedicate more quality time to this blog. It has been a huge challenge for me to conciliate WorldWidePedroL with a full-time job that, to be honest, doesn’t stimulate me.

Regarding this, starting today I would like to invite you all to make a difference to the blog: subscribe premium access and allow me to dedicate more time and energy to develop WorldWidePedroL.

For just 5€ a year you will be able to read extra content and get exclusive discounts, including some of these perks:

~ more than 20 exclusive articles of premium content per year

~ get access to my journal and read the latest about my life

~ enjoy 25% discount in my ebooks and walking tours


Make a difference and contribute to our blog: at the same time you are supporting me, I will have more time to devote to a project I truly like to do and you really appreciate to read.

Thank you and have a great 2022!!! PedroL

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