now: what to do in Lisbon this january

Circus – in Lisbon this time of the year rhymes with acrobats and clowns, animals and magicians, in impressive performances that will surprise you. Two of the oldest (and more traditional) companies are Circo Chen and Circo Victor Hugo Cardinali;

Paula Rego – undoubtedly the most celebrated and recognized portuguese painter, Paula Rego has an exhibition in Galeria 111, in Campo Grande district. Discover one of the most talented artists, described as ‘non—conforming and dissatisfied, who has survived every break with the past and is reborn with each new experimental state’;

Kino – Kino is dedicated to the cinema made in german language, in countries like Germany and Switerzland, Austria and Luxembourg, and shows the latest from the best local film-makers. In this edition, the festival plays a special tribute to female film-makers and dedicates to problematize about the ‘future’ and the ‘youth’.

Planning to visit Lisbon? Take the best of your trip to my hometown with the Lisbon Literary Walking Tour and discover the stories and the authors behind the portuguese capital. Every friday and saturday mornings. Book now here!

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