Coming to Lisbon? Book your Tour here

If you are planning to visit Lisbon, I would like to invite you to take the Lisbon Literary Walking Tour with me.

That’s right: now you have the chance to discover Lisbon through its authors and stories in a tour designed and runned by me, every friday and saturday mornings.

During 2 hours, I will tell you about the local legends and the most celebrated writers: how Lisbon inspired them to write? and where can you find references to their stories and poems?

This tour is a must for every culture lover but specialy for bookworms who want to know more about portuguese literature and, more precisely, José Saramago, Fernando Pessoa and his hundred heteronyms.

Dates are open for January and February here

In case you’re coming after February, you can book down below and then e-mail me to with the desired date – please, have in mind these tours are runned only on friday and saturday mornings. Thanks!

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