now: what to do in Lisbon this february

Lisboa Clichê – Daniel Blaufuks photographs Lisbon as a poet and in this exhibition you have the chance to go back in time, more precisely to the 80’s and 90’s, and discover a traditional city transforming into a cosmopolitan european capital. I truly appreciate Blaufuks work and this exhibition is pretty special, as together with these photographs there are also words that chronicle his teenage years in Lisbon;

Brilha Rio exhibition – Lisbon’s history can also be told by its façades. In this exhibition, that takes place in Prata Riverside Village, in Marvila, you will have the chance to see neons and lights boxes, glass and plastic signs, that once illuminated the local commerce of Lisbon, such as hotels, restaurants, airdressers, shoe shops, etc.;

Chinese New Year – in 2022, chinese new year starts on the 1st of february and it’s known as the year of the tiger. In Lisbon, even if we are still under some restrictions, you can feel a bit of the vibe in Martim Moniz area, more precisely in the streets Rua da Palma, Rua do Benformoso and Avenida Almirante Reis, with the amazing red paper lanterns and some events organized by the local chinese (and asian) community.

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