food for thought #13

So far, 2022 has been a prolific year for my reading activity. When I mention this it is not because I am having a feast of books (by the way, I wouldn´t mind), but because I started the year reading some really good ones. 

To start, a coincidence: as I finished watching the ‘Squid Game’ series, I started to read ‘Human Acts’ by the (also) korean Han Kang, an author from which I read, before, ‘The Vegetarian’. 

4 responses to “food for thought #13

  1. This winter has also been really good for my reading.
    Being holed up in a small village, freezing temperatures and a pandemic make for a great environment in which more time is opened up to books.

    And I made a conscious choice to take more time. For example, I block Facebook, Twitter and other time-wasting websites to a maximum of one hour per day on my browser, and sometimes even block them for a couple of days in a row. (For example over Christmas, when I know everyone will just post trees and food anyway.)
    It’s amazing how much time this frees up! And how enjoyable a night with a book is, compared to a night scrolling aimlessly and commenting here and here, getting agitated by distant friends’ strange opinions.

    In summer, I use a different trick: I take a book, a cigar and something to eat and go to the forest or to a lake. Without any mobile phone or other electronic gadget.
    Again, it’s amazing how much I get to read on such days. And how fulfilled and calm I am.

    • dear Andreas, thank you for your message, it was amazing to read your experience with your readings 🙂

      i read every day. and to be honest, I’m not sure if I read more in summer or winter ahah also I read a lot of newspapers and magazines, here in Portugal there are a few really good ones, with interesting articles and well written 🙂

      about social media, I dont care at all. I mean, I use it but it’s more to communicate with friends and knowns, but I can imagine how mucch time can be lost in that ahah

      wishing you a great week, hope it’s not extremely cold in there 🙂 in Lisbon it is already around 16*, sunny sunny days 😛


      • Well, how timely of you to mention it!
        Just today, freezing and getting depressed from rain, wind and cold, I vowed to myself that I would spend the next winter somewhere warmer. Let’s see where I will end up…

      • what about Lisbon? eheh it’s been around 16* here… it’s probably the warmer winter I ever experienced, though

        have a great week Andreas,

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