PedroL graduated in Communication in February 2007 and, some months later, started his career in Journalism. As a curious person, journalism became a passion: in PedroL´s demand of knowledge, journalism revealed an opportunity to know more about the world, as he met local entrepreneurs and distant communities, for example.

On the other hand, these days digital media has contributed to journalism become an immense experience: you can tell a story not only by words but also through photography and video.

In the last years, PedroL developed his skills: he started to write about civil engineering and architecture in a construction magazine based in Portugal and, three years later, PedroL was in Skopje (Macedonia) to contribute in a digital magazine, focused in society. Back to Lisbon, PedroL launched a cultural portal called Ave Rara (Rare Bird or Avis Rara).

Today, he is a globetrotter author: as in literature he created a surreal world signed by Mário C. Brum, in journalism PedroL is a freelancer who writes not only interviews and reports but he is very interested in improving the writing of chronicles. You are more than invited to click in the links above to read some of PedroL´s articles. Click click, enjoy it!

16 responses to “journalism

  1. Hi, I did not know you are a journalist as well 🙂 I am still studying at university, and I find great inspiration in your website. One day I wish to travel around the world and write, just like you! ^_^



    • hi Kristina, thank you so much for such kind words 🙂 well, I try to do my best, I have my goals and even if some are bigger than my actual success, I just keep it and never give up 🙂 good luck in your work, journalism is such a fascinating activity, right? 🙂 have a great week, PedroL

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