Mário C Brum

Mário C. Brum is PedroL’s literary pseudonymous: simultaneously is the author and a character. Mário A. B. C. Brum defies logic by creating surrealistic stories where creativity is taken to its limits.

Mário Ché Brum believes in an alive literature: stories with own life, where actions are the connecting bridge between author´s and reader´s thoughts. On the top of his pretentiousness, M. C. Brum expects his ideas provoke new ideas – similar or opposite -, in a never ending story.

In Brum Brum´s work, nonsense is welcome.

more info: Mário C. Brum homepage

4 responses to “Mário C Brum

  1. dear Pedro, thank you for following my blog. I have the same love for surrealistic poems and stories as you, and have written a lot in that genre…now, finding publishers is the thing 🙂 – haven’t succeeded yet – can’t wait to see my “Hilaryon Stories” published 🙂
    Love your spirit!
    hugs, Leelah

    • thank you for your feedback 🙂 I´m sure you will publish your ‘Hilaryon Stories’ soon!!! of course, keep on writing and having fun with it and soon you´ll get the recognition you deserve 🙂 good luch hugs PedroL

  2. Oi Pedro! É tão bom e raro encontrar alguém de Língua Portuguesa e com um blog de conteúdo tão bom!
    Obrigada por visitar-me e por seguir-me. Um abraço Poetheart. 🙂 🙂

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