expat experience

PedroL wanders around the world like a vagabond. Sometimes he stops in a destination and writes about his life there. This is the meeting point of all those special places. All those stories. All those remembrances.

Rigas Diena > read about the times PedroL lived in Riga, latvian capital and pearl of the baltic region;

Volunteering in the Balkans > for 6 months PedroL worked in a youth center of Skopje and Kavadarci (Macedonia) and discovered one of the most amazing european regions;

12 responses to “expat experience

    • Glad you enjoyed 🙂 wish I had more time and skills to record a better video ahah Riga is cool, I lived there more than 9 months, it wasn’t easy but it was really nice 🙂 cheers PedroL

    • eheh I have such great memories from Riga and Latvia as I lived there almost 1 year back to 2015/2016 🙂 I even published an ebook with some chronicles and travels in Latvia and around the Baltic countries 🙂 have a great week, PedroL

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