Who is PedroL?

PedroL is a world citizen. Borned in Lisbon (Portugal), he has been travelling everywhere in the last 30-something years to collect stories. Stories of people and literature. Stories told through pictures and reports. Stories dreamed by nonsense and music.

PedroL graduated in ‘communication’ and is a freelancer writer. As journalist he writes stories about priests and freaks, cities and communities, traditions and new trends. Under the pseudonymous Mário C. Brum, PedroL has created a literary world where surrealism meets fantasy and unlimited creativity (cof cof!).

PedroL speaks portuguese, english and spanish. Interested in slavic languages, he understands some basic russian, macedonian and bulgarian. Last 2010, PedroL had the chance to live for some months in Skopje (Macedonia). Together with other fellow europeans, he worked in a local youth organization, plunging in a vibrant and diverse society.

To collect his stories, PedroL wandered (as pilgrim) in Beijing, Chernobyl, Rovaniemi, Chișinău and Brasov, among many other places. In the near future, PedroL plans to take inspiration in the streets of Montevideo, in Reykjavik´s coldness and dancing hand in hand with Tbilissians. Meanwhile, he works in a hostel in the city center of Lisbon.

World Wide Project

In this ever-more-globalized-world, internet became the primary tool and World Wide PedroL was created for the author present his work, not only in Portugal or in the UK but also in Guatemala, in Kyrgystan, in here, in there.

World Wide PedroL is a work-in-progress portfolio, focused to readers from all over the world and composed by journalistic articles, travel chronicles, photo essays and whatever.

In his innocence (by one side) and in his show-off (by another), PedroL believes this project will help him to transmit, recognize and perceive the richness of different cultures. And maybe in finding his place in the world. Maybe indeed.

invite PedroL for a story: world.wide.pedrol@gmail.com

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324 responses to “Who is PedroL?

  1. Bonsoir Pedrol
    Un petit passage sur votre blog et une belle petite découverte !
    dommage que vous ne “parliez” pas français (plutôt écrire), de petits likes ont été apposés sur le mien et je vous en remercie 😉

  2. Recién leo tu entrada, y me llama la atención que después de haber viajado por el mundo quieras rescatar historias en nuestro pequeñito Montevideo algo que es un honor por cierto, es que tenemos muy poca historia, bienvenido seas si pasas por aquí…saludos…

  3. I’d say you’re certainly an adventurous writer! Thanks so much for the follow. I’ll check back to see what you’re up to! In the meantime, have a great day/night!:)

  4. Dear PedroL,
    many thanks from Evita & me for giving us so many LIKES! Just a few minutes ago I visited your page on Facebook 🙂
    Kind regards, bT!NA

    • dear Bettina, thank you so much for visiting back, hope you had a pleasant time 🙂 lets connect also on FB 🙂 regards and great weekend! PedroL

  5. Hallo Petrol bedankt voor het volgen En wat een indrukwekkende blog heb je en prachtige foto’s. Ik ga nog even op je facebook kijken

    De vriendenlijke groeten Marianne

  6. Connecting with different cultures is great, I do enjoy learning from all people and if possible getting some great book recommendations too!

  7. Salutations à un grand globe-trotter et remerciements pour ton passage chez moi. Malheureusement je parle mal anglais mais je peux le lire avec…patience qui n’est pas non plus mon point fort…mais ravi de faire l’effort…Amicalement.

  8. Your blog is fascinating mainly because you and your travels are fascinating. Thanks so much for following Oh, the Places We See. We’d love to see some of the places you’ve been, so we’ll be following you, too! Best wishes for a great 2017!

  9. Hey thanks for you comment on my blog worldtravellerin.wordpress.com
    You have got so much in yours as well – nice design as well but I do not understand all the different menues under “literature”..haha 😉 Good travels for you! I love France by the way 😉 Lisa

  10. Wow. Just discovered your blog. You have amazing stories to share. looks like I have a long way to go, but I suspect it will be a great journey.

    Looking forward to following along as you share yours

  11. If you want the real and true, be among those the way they are. You wander as a local in search of the real story. +1 to you for your way and something amazing you bring to all.

    • Totally agree with you 🙂 wish I had more time and funds to do it everyday eheh thanks for commenting and welcome to my blog! PedroL

  12. It’s quite impossible don’t follow a traveller like you. I’ saw you through some of my post. I hope you can travel either through my pictures and my words. If my English is terrible forgive me, but it’s the only way I have to get in touch with blogger from other country. You’re from Lisbon great!! I really loved Portugal. Nice to meet you 🙂

  13. Wow! I would love to travel to many of the places you have visited.The world is truly your oyster.

    • eheh nice to read that, never thought of it but is such a great description 🙂 thanks and let´s keep in touch then 🙂 PedroL

    • We only live once so I try to have the most interesting life possible 🙂 thanks for coming to check my blog Chevy 🙂 we’ll keep in touch! PedroL

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